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    My 650 reset itself and lost all of the settings (user preferences, license keys, high scores, etc.) Hot-sync didn't fix the problem. Any way to find and restore these databases?
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    Settings are lost once the 650 did its own reset. There must be something corrupted on the device. Unfortunately some of them come from the hotsync process (as some user reports here), or an bad software or also could be that your palm could have undergone a bad customization before (like mine).

    Anyway, I use three tools, one is the Reset Doctor and the other is SafeGuard.

    Finally: Always have a backup on your SD card either via BackupMan or RescoBackup or even the free software NVBackup. Regardless what you do, always have an SD based backup daily and prior to installing a new software.
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    Very common with the 650 and one that will happen regardless of what is done, though you can take steps that will reduce the frequency.

    #1) Watch the memory, placing as many applications on the card as possible - you may wanna look at a 3rd party launcher.

    #2) Use the latest releases.

    #3) Reset Doctor to copy the preference file and to lock the preference file (which is what I do).

    #4) Buy a different device when you can.
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    You may want to look at SyncAll to back up most of those things.
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    Might try looking for the Savedpreferences file in your hotsync directory, copy it to card, then use something like Filez (on the 650) to copy it from the card to internal memory (of course hotsync should've restored this file).

    Keep your free memory up above 5 or 6 megs. I've never lost the file during resets unless I've been quite a bit below.
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    I believe that most reg codes are in Unsaved prefs
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluefish View Post
    I believe that most reg codes are in Unsaved prefs
    Hmmm, that's odd. On mine, I can delete the Unsaved Prefs file and all apps are still registered (although I lose other minor customizations). If I delete the Saved prefs file, all apps become unregistered (and if I then restore they all become registered again).

    Also, I can see the reg codes when I browse the Saved Prefs file.

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