My Centro has been acting up for the last several weeks. Last night I pulled my phone out of my pocket and there was a message stating "please wait" then the phone turned off. The "Palm" boot up screen came on and got to "access powered" then started the entire reboot process again. I wanted to let this continued for 15 minutes. I pulled the battery and let it sit, turned it back on, same thing. I did a hard reset and that got me into menus, but the phone could not be turned on and the OS was unstable. I finally did a reformat and everything was fine.

So I did a hotsync and noticed at the beginning of synchronizing "AIM" flashed up and I wondered why because I never installed this nor was it on there when I bought my Palm. Anyway there was a message after the Sync stating "you must ok", I hit "OK" and the same continuous reboot happened. This time I did a "hard reset", got into the menu and deleted "AIM" and miraculously the phone turned on and everything was fine. I deleted the "AIM" from the Hotsync and sync'd again and all is far.

I am on Verizon with "pay as you go" data FWIW. I do not know if it was a bad version of AIM....I seem to remember it showing up after I installed a "free program".