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    I am so angry and frankly amazed. I called BlueAnt Customer Service today regarding replacing the AC charger for the headset. I was informed that the AC charger is considered an accessory and not under warranty. I was instructed to contact Customer Service of the company I purchased it form and request a replacement. Now I purchased this headset from Treo Central in July and am out of their 30 day replacement return window. I will call them tomorrow and pray that they agree to allowing me to return the defective charger. However, I feel that BlueAnt should have been willing to take care of this. Their rep told me to call back and "maybe" they would have one sent from Australia if Treo Central will not send me one, If not I am left with a dead headset or do they think I should buy another headset to get the charger.It is not available for sale on the companies website that sells accessories for BlueAnt. What a ripoff!!!!
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    The company is in Australia and for all practical purposes, if the store will not help you out, then BlueAnt will not help you out. As a result, the 2nd BlueAnt headset I was going to purchase was never purchased.
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    cscott44, for a Z9? I've got two. I'll send you mine if you want...
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    Hi there

    It seems someone has given you incorrect information with regard to our products, I will follow this up.

    All BlueAnt products are covered by a full 2 year warranty.

    Our Head Office is located in Australia and we have a growing global presence, including an office in the US, to enable us to deliver the level of service we pride ourselves upon.

    In order for us to resolve this issue please contact us via email customercare at


    BlueAnt Customer Service
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    I was not given the wrong information. The information I was given came directly from Blueant and I was just not a happy camper. I liked the head set and wow, one drop and it crapped.

    I purchased my BlueAnt 2/8/2007 and replaced it with a Motorola unit 10/12/2007 after I was told no on it being repaired/replaced.
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    Hi Again,

    Sorry bclinger, my comment was meant for cscott44 regarding the AC charger.

    bclinger, as with most electronic devices, physical damage is not covered by warranty as this is something beyond our control.

    All the best

    BlueAnt Customer Service
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    Not a warranty issue - they stated no on the repair or replacement - warranty was never a factor.
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    I just called customer support regarding my supertooth. The plunger locked in the open position. They sent me an RMA right away and said they would fix it. If something goes wrong in the process, I will post again.

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