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    In your opion is it worth getting the GPS option for a treo 700wx or just getting a stand alone GPS?
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    I really like my Garmin XT (bought from Palm, and it is on sale again for $138.00). My wife has an older Garmin Street Pilotand we like it a lot (the Nuvi should even be better), but we both like the portability of the software on my phone, and one less device to clutter up the vehicle on long trips. It is a little inconvenient when you are trying to navigate in a new area, talk on the phone, and pay attention to what the directions are telling you (you loose voice guidance while on the phone with XT), but I think you will have that to a certain extent even with two devices. I highly recommend it.

    Edit: check out the Garmin Mobile 10 thread in Bluetooth. A lot of info there on how the program works.
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    Thanks for your opion jac6995.

    Anyone else?
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    Get a bluetooth GPS if you need a GPS for the Treo. There are many brands, you can get them for at little as $60, you could also get ones which have standalone tracking capabilities (ie: they can record a track by themselves) or other functionality.

    I would get one with a long battery runtime (10-12 hours), Sirfstar III or better chipset, and with a physical power switch. The ones with the 'soft' power switches tend to turn themselves off when you're not expecting it.

    I'm going to eventually replace my Holux 236 with another one with built-in tracking so I don't have to have some secondary application do that for me, but otherwise, it still works great for me. My current phone has a built-in GPS and I still use my Holux 236 because the built-in one is very slow to warm up and uses lots of battery. It's there if I didn't have my Holux on me for some odd reason, but that's not very likely.
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    free gps software?

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