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    Folks, please recommend me what the best PalmOS Texas hold'em poker apps are? (I have a Treo 650. No WindowsMobile-only thanks.)
    - best free PalmOS hold'em poker app?
    - best paid PalmOS hold'em poker app?

    What I'm looking for:
    - realistic game AI with various player psychologies
    - since I'm learning hold'em, statistical information like your win probability, and a mode where you can review a previous hand and see everyone's hand, the probabilities and the betting action. Maybe even critique your style so you learn (also interested in Spades)
    - if I can also export to/from a PC version, better still

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    I use AstroWare Casino and like it a lot. It was free with my Centro and has a ton of other casino games in it too. Everything from Backjack to Roulette and everything in between.
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    I too would welcome some recommendations. This thread will probably get more responses in the general "Palm OS Apps" forum over at:

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Real Dice Poker - Texas Hold'em Edition is SWEEETTT...I'm addicted!!!

    I believe it's the best poker game for Palm OS, but no statistical information though.

    Get it here:
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    everyone I know into poker uses rdp and loves it!
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    check realdice website, they have great poker game

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