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    Since a couple of months I use a freeware software application for my Visor Dlx. It's called Currency and it can convert currencies.
    Source URL:
    The daily currency rate updates used to be supplied over the Internet. Unfortunately since a few weeks the update files are no longer actual and refreshed (last update is dated July 6). I tried to email the author, but the mails are never answered.
    Maybe somebody else uses this aplication and knows what's going on? I would hate to miss this program: it's very handy and easy to use.
    Lex Kamphuis
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    An alternative is CurrencyX from

    It is not free but only $8.00 The other drawback is that you need to download the pdb with currencies before HotSync, but I can live with that.
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    Go back to the site. They've been having server problems.
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    They are still having problems. No update since July 5th or July 10 (depending on where you look) Too bad as it was a very convenient program.
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    I'm aware of the server problems at nbci. However sending emails to Mr. Martins doesn't work, because he cannot reply to them. Nevertheless I sent him a message asking for a more clearer statement on the homepage, but so far I didn't see any changes.
    I don't understand why he's not switching to another server, because this will kill his application I think....

    I also tried Thinkingbyte's CurrencyX. However they apparently have a problem with the script that generates the rate update file. At my request their support dpt. issued a bug report to Thinkingbytes about this.

    Hope one of them is coming back to life soon, at least before the Euro is introduced over here..;=)

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