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    I sometimes I want to send files on my phone to another phone user or individual and I don't wan to email it to them. Is there a mobile application like Mega Upload or something so I can send files to my phone to it and then send the person the link to download?

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    That's right Resco Explorer can handle this..Although it's not just 3 clicks, follow these steps and you'll be ok..
    In Explorer's menu click tools->FTP connections-> Your goal is to create a free account at the FTP hosting service DriveHQ. This is something like gmail except it is oriented towards ftp. Create the free account (click on "Get free DriveHQ account"). Fill username (email) and password fields, confirm and if everything works you'll have a free account with respectable limits: 1GB storage and 1 GB download/month - parameters that are hard to beat.
    The account works like you'd have another card (check it in the tree under the network) There you can copy any files meant to your friend.

    If your friend uses PC, tell him to go to
    and login with your username and password.

    If he has Centro as well the best way for him would be to install Resco Explorer and set the ftp connection for your drivehq account. He'd see the account as if it was another card and can copy files back to his phone.

    Or go to the drivehq account using your PC, create a folder there e.g. "Public folder" get inside and press "Publish" (find the icon in the upper toolbar). A window appears with URL adress (web link). With this link you'll get to the folder using any Web browser.

    Hope this is exactly what you expected

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