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    Before I, sigh, do a hard reset and lose all my media (per the advice of the tech person at Verizon), I thought I would throw out this question to the forum and see if there is something I've missed. Here's what happened - I was given a "hand-me-down" Treo 650 with a card and enjoyed myself for a month or two taking photos and videos. What I didn't realize is that all the media was being stored on the Treo, not on the card. At some point, the system memory ran out (without any warning). So, the phone still functions (barely), but most apps will not run, including hotsync and the delete function. This seems like very bad design - that the system could get so full that you cannot do basic things like delete or move data or run hotsync (it just gives an error and says there isn't enough room). I'd be happy to delete some media or applications, but there is no way to do it. When I choose delete app, nothing happens.

    So is there anyway to get in to the file system and delete files other than through the standard interface? Otherwise, nothing to do but cry...
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    So neither the Camera application delete of the Launcher delete functions will work?
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    So did you ever install the program FileZ? or have you any other file system installed like maybe Resco Explorer?

    Try going into your Photos & Videos program and click on the Options hard button on your phone and click on Delete. It should bring up a screen showing all of your photos & videos with a little box at the top corner. Just checkmark one on the bigger videos that you can spare to lose and at the bottom click on the Delete button on the screen. See if it deletes it. If so, you should have enought memory to at least then manually move all of those photos and videos over to your card.

    In the future, when you open your camera program, get in the habit of looking in the lower right corner at that drop down box. Be sure you have chosen the little symbol for the card. I actually created an album on my card and named it so it is easier to choose by name.
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