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    Hey, i just got connected through Verizon, and im going on a trip to South Carolina. Some of the programs im bringing are:

    Aol Instant Messenger

    1:Anyone got anything i can add to the list?
    2:Also, how can i use PQA application with my Visor Prism?

    3:Is there an application/PQA that i can enter my flight information, and it gives me the latest news on it?

    Thanks Alot.

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    Yahoo Messenger. has lots of PQAs. You have to use the JPA application. AOL 3.0 is in Beta. It allows you to dial AOL then use another browser.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    What method are you using to connect to Verizon? Are you using their special #nnn numbers or do you have a 10-digit telephone number?
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    I dont know what you mean, j762538. Im using the Minstrel S (Yada Yada) to connect to Verizons Wireless IP service, its 24.99 a month and works great. I got it yesterday, and i love it.
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    I thought you meant using the phone.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Try PalmVNC. It lets you control your home PC from your Prism. You have to install it on the PC also. Cool to see your desktop on the
    Prism screen. The browser that comes with the YY Minstrel S is Browse-It version 2.0 (if the newest software is on it). You shouldn't need
    another browser. I have it and Blazer and never use Blazer.

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