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    With the official demise of Vindigo - one of the least up-to-date GUIs with the quickest and easiest movie guide locator and direction finder for the Palm - where to go now?

    I guess GoogleMaps is alright for directions, as long as you are comfortable surrendering your life details to Big Brother, but their Movie Guide interface was absolute Zen beauty. Occasionally the restaurant guides came in handy, too.

    What are people using that might offer at least SOME of Vindigo's functionality?
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    Truly bad news. Maybe the single best info program for Palm OS.

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    RIP Vindigo. I will miss you often.
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    Pocket Express does the same sort of features but its bascially crap.
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    Are you really sure Vidigo is dead, or even dying? I still get updated syncs. Their site still exists, etc. etc.


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