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    Been having issues with my nWeb Browser on my Treo 300 since Friday. Getting a Communication error. Which I suspect might be the proxy server in nWeb... I'm still able to use the Eudora Text/Web Browser so I know my data connection is OK.

    I did a hard reset and hot synced from a previous backup... That didn't help. Was hoping there may be a good alternative available if nWeb is going to keep giving me grief. My T300 is showing it's age but it's still doing what I need it too. Figure after this battery dies (and my current contract is up end of the year) it may be time to replace it.


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    Checked Palm's Treo 300 website and tried Pocket Link... Which has some issues but does give me some functionality. Nice Interface.

    I tried a different proxy in nWeb ( which does seem to be working (except for my homepage, but I'm not getting a communication error). So the proxy is probably just down...
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    nWeb has been "dead" for some time now and and the sprintpcs proxy hasn't worked either... Anyone still running nWeb with Treo 300 successfully?

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