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    Sometimes when my phone locks up when sending a txt message on my Centro so I took out the battery out and once my phone powers back on it looks as if my entire Sms messages are not there..I have to restore the messages.pdb file..otherwise everything is gone. Can anyone advise on this?
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    Had issues of rebooting when sending/receiving txt messages on my 650 a while ago. A search said that the messages database file was likely corrupted. This may be a similar problem for you.

    In my case I deleted the file and allowed it to create a new database. This of course deletes your txt messages, but since I clear them out on a regular basis anyway I didn't care.

    Instead of restoring the file, next time try allowing it to create a new one. This should happen if you send a txt without having a database file. Hopefully this will fix your problem.

    I'll see if I can find the thread that helped me on my 650.

    Good luck
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    I had this happen for no reason, tried to send text, usually type "M" and choices appear - now nothing appears, says no contacts, yet no problem with contacts and phone numbers, hasn't crashed, etc.

    So, I didn't understand exactly above. I did fix via NV Backup, went back to older point and everything came back.
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    Well I went ahead and deleted my Messages.pdb file today. It was over 25Megs...Freed up a S**** load of memory and well see if it fixes the problem..

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