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    My 650 has given me little problems during 3 years so far.
    now i have a locked touchscreen. i get the usual display, i can operate the treo with the cursor button just fine.
    But, a few wierd things that make me think there is a fix to this....
    1 touching the screen silences the ring
    2 it i go to preferences, select touchscreen, the aligning application starts, and i touch the middle of the targets, and they disappear, and change position, like normal, however, this application never completes itself, i have to pull the battery to end it.
    I have cleaned the edges of the screen, under the bezel already, no change. have pulled battery, and used the reset button. have not done a hard reboot.
    if any body has any ideas, i would appreciatte them. sprint service here in town says $116 to fix the touchscreen. i like the phone, i am eligible to upgrade, but $250 to upgrade to the 800w seems a little steep yet.
    $99 to go to the centro, would appreciatte any thoughts on these options also.
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    My only suggestion would be to do a sync and a hard boot.....
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    The touch screen align app will keep "looping" until where you touch matches where the circle is.

    When you touch elsewhere, the app will keep restarting to let you try again. So, there is a possibility that the touch screen is not working - it sense the touch (hence the target move to different position) but it did not register the position.

    It may be a good idea to indeed to a hard-reset so software issues are eliminated. Once you eliminate the software issue, it may indeed be a bad touch screen.
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    My Centro did the same thing. It is a hardware problem not the digitizer because when you go to align the screen the touch screen lets to tap the circles. They ended up replacing my Centro.
    I agree with CL Lo, try a hard reset. You have nothing to lose.
    The other thing, only load programs that you don't need to use the touch screen OR... buy a used Sprint Treo 650 on eBay $50, $75, or $100.
    Last idea, sell you phone for parts/repair on eBay and use that money toward a Centro or a 800w.
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