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    I have a puzzling problem with my 680. I'm trying to use it with a new Asus Eee 901 running Linux, but as soon as I plug in the USB the 680 crashes and resets.

    I thought it could be an app, so I did a hard reset, but this didn't fix it. I then decided to update the ROM to 2.12 (Palm's official version). After the update had completed I checked again, and this time it connected OK, and didn't crash.

    Good I thought, the new ROM fixes it. So I restored all my previous apps, and guess what - connecting the USB crashed it again.

    OK, I thought, hard reset to get back to naked new ROM condition. After doing this it still crashes.

    It seems that the state after a hard reset is not the same as the state immediately after updating the ROM. Is this possible? I thought a hard reset wiped all RAM and put the whole device back to the original state, regardless.

    What's going on - I'm confused.

    I was quite prepared to work through the apps to find the culprit, but if I can't reset it back to a clean condition I'm stumped.
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    Once you do an update the new ROM version can't be changed back. You need to do a hard re-set and then move the apps back one at a time.
    Before you HotSync after the hard re-set go to you palm folder and move ALL the apps you have loaded to a NewFolder on your computer desktop. Otherwise when you sync they will ALL load back.
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    Hmm - - I think the one occasion when I believed it didn't crash I must have been dreaming. Even after more hard resets, and updating to 2.12 again, it still crashes even with no apps loaded.

    I'm going to have to work round by tweaking with Linux, either by using an alternative usb driver or switching to bluetooth. I haven't got either of them cracked yet but I'm getting there ...
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    Does the treo reset when plugged into the USB port on any other computer? If the treo resets when plugged into other usb ports, I would suspect that your treo usb connection is physically damaged.

    If the treo is resetting even before the EEE recognizes it, I would suspect something is wrong with your USB port on the EEE. Does anything else work plugged into the EEE usb port?

    Can you stop the EEE at the BIOS screen and try plugging in the treo? That would eliminate the OS (Linux) from the mix pretty definitively. (I don't think it is the OS anyway.)

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