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    This has been going on for most of the year and a half that I've had this phone, and I'm only finally remembering/annoyed-enough about it to post and ask you guys about it...

    Sometimes, when I send a text message, it takes anywhere from 20 seconds to up to a minute or more to show the "Sending message" pop-up, after which point, it could take up to another 2-ish minutes for that "Sending message" pop-up to go away and return to the screen that lists my text message threads.

    I'm on Sprint in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    This happens almost any time I'm sending a text message from the "New message" screen to a number not in my contacts or if it's to someone in my contacts with whom I don't already have a thread going. It's much worse if there are multiple recipients in the To field, and it's worst when there are multiple new recipients in the To field.

    And when these waits happen, the phone is totally unresponsive to anything else.

    I've had the phone since May of last year (so something near a year and a half) and I go long periods without hotsync'ing it. When I moved to it from a Treo 700p (and the 650 before that), I brought my messages database along through each phone transition, so I have *lots* of text messages going back a long time.

    Soooo....Anyone else see delays or freezes like this? If I'm not the only we know what causes it, or if there are ways to, ideally, get rid of them, or to mitigate them?
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    My guess is that you've reached one of the (numerous) limitations of the PalmOS because of the size of your messages database.

    Try sending some text messages after clearing your messages database (messages_database.prc). Just make sure to back it up first so you can get all those messages back!

    Not that it's an ideal solution, but it'll let you know if that's the problem. Maybe you can prune it down to a manageable size if clearing it helps.

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