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    my wife's sprint centro just throws up the "alarm bell" icon when she receives any email...remembering back to the 650 didn't it put an envelope icon with the amount of emails next to it? do i get her centro to notify in that way?

    thanks always
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    No more email notifications in the default phone app. Palm figured it was slowing the phone app.

    The email monitoring in the phone app first went away with the 700p update.

    TakePhone, a stand alone phone app monitors email......

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    got it... takephone cool? lotta treocentral people using it? i also need 2day or do their functions overlap?

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    Yes, TakePhone is "cool"... Yes, a lot of T|C people use TakePhone..... and if you use your Calendar, then 2Day would something to look at too.....

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    Chattermail lights up the LED when there is new mail.
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    I use the keyguard feature in Chimester to get information about the number of alerts, messages, tasks, e-mails, and appointments I have. You could try that and see if it does what you want, but I guess it's delayed notification since it only appears when you power up to check.
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    BTW.. any of those apps (including Takephone) slowdown when they retrieve the # of emails that are published to the Palm OS. The amount of slowdown seems to depend on the email application.

    Palm took it out of their phone app.

    It is available in Takephone, but it still (sort of) slows down Takephone. Takephone draws most of the screen first, then checks the emails, so you might not notice the delay, but there is still a slight delay before you can do anything with it.

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