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    I want tmobile....

    and i found out the sidekick plan. is this like a 2 year plan. or like a flex pay plan

    its 29.99 per month which is amazing. i dont see the dollar a day thing. well you guys must of meant why its 30 dollars. and 20 cents per minutes. which is good for me.

    But i want internet on the treo.... Does anyone have Tmobile and have the treo 650?

    My treo should come today or tomorrow. and ill be setting up the plan the same day. it is unlocked.

    * Instant messaging
    * Unlimited Text messaging
    * Unlimited Web browsing
    * Voice calls at $0.20 per minute, including nationwide long distance and roaming

    Is the plan ^^^
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    Hi, isn't this the same thread subject as two posts below this one?
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