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    Since I haven't found a way to monitor active apps and determine who is eating power, I ended up going the hardware route dropping $70 on the extended battery. Low and behold, the thing doesn't last as long as my normal battery?? 9:30 AM t0 8:30PM = 8% remaining!!

    If it's chattermail that's draining the battery, then there is no way this device can maintain a push IMAP connection.

    I started the day with setting up an always online IMAP mailbox in chatter and it just wiped out this 2200mAh in less than 12 hours...
    And, I only had 20 mins of talktime today...

    Can anyone share their experience with the 2200mAh?
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    I've got one. I don't use chattermail or any of that, but I did have the phone (radio) on continuously all day, manually checked email several times, and spent an hour playing games in a hospital waiting room, and the battery was only at 68% at the end of the day (about 14 hours later). This is on a 680.
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    You are a lucky man...

    I'm desperate, really wish it would just last longer (that's what she said).

    Do you think it will take a few initial charges? Or should I try to return it?
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    Have you recalibrated the Treo? Using the new battery, run it fown until the device shuts down and then fully charged it?

    And it will take a few charges to reach normal operating capacity.

    How busy are your email accounts?
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    Hey Derv... I'll give this a shot tomorrow. I had 3 imaps on with periodic updates as stated in my "app to disable screen from turning on" thread PLUS one I added today in the "always on" mode. I only had a handful of mails today... but to eat through 12 hours so quickly?

    Two more questions for you...

    I installed SafeGuard and it points to Handmark Pocket Express, Nexave, Resco Neeews, Sprint Mobile email. So that was helpful... I'm disabling any auto update features in all of those apps for tomorrows test. Is Handmark a power hog?

    Also regarding the always on mode for chatter... I've noticed that this can only be set when you initially create the mailbox account. For instance, if you set it to update every 240 minutes, I can't find an option once the account is created to switch to always on mode... and vice versa. Any thoughts?
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    New batteries generally struggle. When I first used my Tungsten W it lasted a day of use. By the third charge it was up to four days to a charge.

    If your battery meter isn't calibrated it might go for a long time showing 0% too...

    Going on my 680, with two busy Gmail accounts on IMAP push more, all power saving features enables, my 680 typically goes from 100% to 60% during the day with me being careful. By careful, I quit Chatteremail+ during my driving commute and I keep the Treo idle. Indeed now I don't use Chatteremail+ sleep hours feature, I just run or quit Chatteremail+ as I see fit. Chatteremail+ is typically running from 06:30 to 07:30, then 08:30 to about 17:15, then from 18:00 until I go to sleep. It used to run 24 / 7 and I'd use the sleep hours facility. This has saved a good chunk of power.

    I found that having Chatteremail+ in an hourly email pull just about halved my Treo's power consumption. But it wasn't as cool...

    As for changing between push and pull, the option is "offline" in the second tab of the email settings box (menu e). I'm replying via my 680 so I can't easily give you the correct names for menus and stuff...

    As for SafeGuard - do you mean applications with alarms? Or applications that have trapped HEDE?
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    Your Seidio battery should have come with a statement that it would take a few cycles of charging the battery and discharging it to reach full potential. My extended battery has significantly more reserve than my OEM sized one.

    See what the battery life is after 4 or 5 days (and let your battery go down to 0% charge - and shut itself off - at least once)
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    I bought one of those Seidio 2200maH batteries and noticed it lasted at least as long as the one that came with my 700p for awhile, but for only a few months. Then its charge cycle became shorter and shorter. As of now I have 3 batteries...The first came with my 650 in Jan '05. It will go most of the day (12-15hrs) on a single charge as will my Seidio 2200maH. The third, which came with my second 700p (Jan. '07) still lasts about 24 hours on a charge.

    I bought my Seidio sometime in late '06 on sale for about $35.

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    Your link seems to be for WinMoOS and not PalmOS - is it WinMOOS only?
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    My stupid. The 800W extended 2600ma battery is too large to fit in the Centro with its hump back cover. Sorry about that. The Sprint extended battery I have in my Centro gives me about 40% more lasting power than the OEM one.
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    the other day i put the extended battery on my Treo, as i do whenever i have to travel abroad.

    That was after a month not using that battery.

    Anyway, the first day the battery charge dropped at high rates getting to 24% in circa 6 hours. No reset or Power Hero would help.

    After that, the discharge settled down and the battery is now lasting three days.
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    The only other suggestion I had was that if the phone isn't getting ideal coverage the battery life will suffer...
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