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    I am new to my smartphone so please bear with me. Can you put TomTom on a Centro? Can you use Windows Mobile programs on it? Where do you get the free programs I have seen mentioned here? Thanks for any info and all your patience!!
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    1. Yes, I believe I've read on these forums that it's possible. Do a search for it.

    (Edit: look in the "Palm OS Apps" section towards the bottom of the main forum page. There's a sticky all about it for the 650, I'm sure you'll find Centro-related info in there somewhere.)

    2. No, that's a different OS with different program formats.

    3. Do a google search for "palm freeware" and you'll find many sites offering free programs.
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    You really really really need to read your manual and search these forums.
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    Here is a great link to programs for the Centro, including free ones.

    And yes, search: "Must have" is in the title of two great apps threads.
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    There is also a user-provided application compatibility list graciously hosted at

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