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    Actually am a newbie to the forum n teh Palm OS, was using the P1i, till recently

    Moved to 755p

    The problem is my treo doesnt accept messages beyond 160 ch, the cursor jus stops at that. I knw SMS is limited to 160 chrctr but then other fones provide multiple msgs to be clubbed together and send it as one

    Also teh reciever recieves it as One Long Message

    But i recieve Long messages parted at 160 characters.

    Bought this fone jus for messaging capabilities,
    But neither does it have delivery reports nor Long Messaging Service (Enhanced Messaging Service) as they call it.

    Does moving to ver1.07 solve this???

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    Are you on Sprint or Verizon?
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    Its a Sprint fone

    But its been flashed to work wid Reliance in India..
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    Well sms capabilities limit each text message to 160 characters and there is no way around that. Now there have been some people that have said they saw a program that was able to split the message at that number and send in multiple messages but no one has ever been able to say 'Here is the program and where to download it' .. I would also like to do this but I am fine with just sending two messages manually.

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