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    hi there - I'm new to these boards, but I have a pressing question....

    is there any software out there (preferable free or very cheap) that I could use to simply transport simple documents from one computer to another via hotsync?

    I have a new Edge (and love it!) that I sync at home and at work. Unfortunately I work in the stone ages, where there is not Internet, and since I often do work at home, pretty much every day I am putting some word or excel files onto a floppy and bringing them to work, and vice versa. this seems like such extra effort considering I am also syncing my visor at both places and it certainly has the memory to carry these files instead.

    I have looked around and found expensive software like QuickOffice and Documents to Go, but they all let you edit the documents on your visor and add crazy fonts etc - I don't need or want any of that I swear - I just want to get the doc from cradle A to cradle B.

    any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    - john
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    I hear you. I would love to find a program that will let me use my Visor, cradle, and CF adapter basically as a CF reader for my computer that I can carry all sorts of files on.
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    I think zBoxZ might fit the bill.

    See for details.
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    Look at FileBox from MegaSoft. It was written to address exactly this problem.
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    How dare I see a Ferrari scudera avatar on these boards.
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    The once and future champions need more visibility - don't you think??

    I'm just glad to see another F1 fan on here. Even if you appear to be slightly misguided.

    What did you think of the news about Frentzen this morning?
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    well, not to be far off topic... but I wasn't trulli (hee...) surprised. Jordan, where have you been this year? Although, Williams has severly overshadowed any concerns with the yellow jackets.

    Personally, I love Eddie Jordan and his aggressiveness with the team, however I think this one will catch up with him. Wait until Toyota comes aboard, has Frentzen and starts getting more points that Zonta and team. At least one could hope... although, I never was much of a Frentzen fan. DC, yeah... he's my kid, let's just get that auto start and cornering down pat soon.
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    Could any of those work with a memory module?

    Now seriously off topic, but-

    I've been on these boards for a while now and this is the first time I've EVER seen somebody else from or near Philadelphia post.

    "One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice president, and that one word is 'to be prepared'.
    -Dan Quayle
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    You're carrying around say 4mb of space between 2 places, why not use it is the way you're thinking. There were a couple of posts about some programs I've never heard of but I was just wondering if this would work: say you have a word document, text.doc. Could you simply rename this text.pdc (is that the extension for a palm database?i'm not sure), and then add it for hotsyncing?
    It would be very handy if someone has tried this or could try it, I only use mine at home, but if this works, there is a possibility to beam people your actual word docs to run on their computers.

    Formula 1 fans! I've seen both your pics before so I can't believe you haven't seen each other! Nice to see more fans anyway. BTW I believe that Zonta will be racing until a replacement is found for Frentzen.
    PS Williams kick ***!
    Alan Millar
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    a really really big thank you!
    Filebox is exactly what I needed and works perfectly!
    I'd have never found it without you - thanks.....

    - john

    Originally posted by bradhaak
    Look at FileBox from MegaSoft. It was written to address exactly this problem.
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    Does the FileBox program utilize available extended external memory, like CF or Smartmedia?
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    I think that the current version only uses standard memory.
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    Originally posted by bradhaak
    I think that the current version only uses standard memory.
    I looked at it today and the description of v3.0 says: the opportunity to select files to be transferred to Palm, define the recipient of each file (Handheld, Memory Card or Both)...

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