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    Hi. I started this thread because I'm getting fed-up with my Treo 755p's problems switching between stereo Bluetooth and incoming Bluetooth phone calls.

    Then it occurred to me that I should ask other 755p users if they've had similar experiences. Long/short: If I'm streaming Bluetooth stereo audio and receive (and accept) a call, Bluetooth disconnects and I have to hold the phone to my ear.* It's more of a pain than one might think.

    So, have any of you had the same experiences?

    * - Bluetooth also randomly disengages when I'm streaming.

    EDIT: Kinoma is a potential suspect, so if you've had these problems please let me know if Kinoma was part of the equation. Thanks in-advance.
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    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    SAG is an inrcedible workaround, but it does come at a price. BT stereo to phone call is only one of many problems I encounter EVERY time I use SAG. Quite inconsistent. Also, Kinoma is installed on my 755.
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    I have a 755p and use SAG - with the exception of getting the connection of my Jabra BT8040 and SAG on the intital try, sometimes I have to hit the "OK" button 6 time in a row to get it to connect no matter what the error says, but once connected, it works almost 98% perfect most of the time.

    I can switch between these apps and/or phone without problem with these programs listed here; Sprint TV, Slinplayer, TCPMP, PocketTunes basic, RDM+, Versamail,and Kinoma Deluxe? - for me the most fragile app is Kinoma Deluxe - but only when I use SAG - Kinoma by itself and/or wired headphones work great!.

    What seemed to help me is prunning away apps that I have no use for so I can gain more system memory. It could be coincidence, but more memory seems to make my 755p snappier and work better. Almost as snappy as a soft(some say hard) reset with erase data chosen.

    I use to have about 29mb to 30mb free and was working pretty good for what I had loaded - I now have about 34.5mb free and all works better and snappier. Besides prunning, I used a utility called PowerRun 1.3.1 to help move my rarely used apps with their data to my external 4gb class 6 card - expensive but nice program - the app you moved to the card loads a little slower when both app and data are on the card in comparison to when the app only is on the card. But I rarely use these programs, so an extra 2 to 5secs of initial load time doesn't bother me that much, because after it is reloaded to memory from the card, the app fuctions as normal - I understand that apps like ZLauncher are better with more features for the same price - but it takes a larger memory footprint than I would like to have.
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    You folks called it. I've been watching more lately and I've seen more resets on my phone after SAG usage than after anything else.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    For me and my Jabra BT8010 it works pretty well 90-95% of the time.

    My only gripe is that when you hit send audio to internal speaker the connection between the headset and phone are not restored. I have power hereo set to disconnected bluetooth if not connected to save batery power and if i dont receive a call so the headset auto connects then bluetooth is turned off.

    Fo rthe most part it works pretty well on my 755 with Jabra BT8010 combo. On a side note my wife has a Centro with a BT8040 and it works better on that combo. A little faster returning to music after call ended and quicker connection times.

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