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    Hi everyone,

    I've been using the truly excellent Agendus Pro on my Palm Centro for a couple of months now. It's an excellent app so when I got the email from Iambic offering me Agendus for Windows for $10 I was chuffed!

    Just bought it, installed and synced my Centro and hit a snag. My data isn't syncing with it, none of the contacts, tasks or calendar dates are showing up in it. I'm using the standalone edition not the one that integrates directly into Outlook. In the help is suggests right clicking on the hot sync icon on the Windows taskbar bottom right but the elements it says to customise isn't there.

    Any tips on how to get it to sync with my Centro? I've made it my default contacts/calendaring software and that hasn't changed anything...
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    When u installed the Hotsync software did it ask if u wanted to sync to Outlook or Palm Desktop?

    If it did & u selected Outlook you will need to reset that to Palm desktop.

    I think if you insert the install CD there is an option to change from Outlook to Palm desktop syncing (it may even be in the Palm program folder on your start menu).

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