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    Just got my hands on a Motorola Motorokr T505 and Im not impressed. Had to instal the audio gateway program to get it working. Cant even get the automated anouncement woorking on the t505. What are other people using? Any suggestions? Does the T505 work well for any one else?
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    You might try asking in a Motorola-oriented forum like ModMyMoto or the Motorola section of HowardForums.
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    I was looking at the T505 as well, but decided to go for the Venturi Mini.

    Like you I had to install SAG just to get my Centro to pair with it.
    The reason I went for the Venturi Mini over the T505 is that I can connect my audio cassete adapter to it so I don't get the 'hiss' from the fm transmitter.

    It also has an audio input so I can connect my MP3 player to it as well and still have it as hands free for my phone.

    When it's paired it works ok, but for some reason when I leave my car and the centro loses connection to the Venturi, the centro resets itself. Not sure why.
    Might have to do a hard reset and load all the software again.


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