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    I recently unlocked a palm centro from at&t. Now i have it on t-mobile. I can make calls and texts, but it will not send picture messages.

    I know that there are some data settings for MMS for t-mobile. I've tried the configurator from t-mobile but it didn't help.

    Any help is appreciated!! Thank you!!!
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    I'm wondering this too for my wife on Sprint. I'm assuming it's just because Sprint doesn't allow MMS from PDA phones and T-Mobile may be the same.
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    Nope thats not the reason.. I have an unlocked AT&T Centro on a TMobile network. I have not had a single issue on sending or receiving MMS/ pic messages. In fact I rec'v them faster on the Centro than I did on my Blackberry Pearl.
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    Try this:

    Go to: Messaging->Options->Preferences->Network

    Select 'Manual' and then 'Edit'

    In the MMS Gateway Address field, type:

    In the MMS URL field, type:
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    For a Palm Pre plus, what are the settings? My MMS url is the same as above but everything else is blank...

    MMS APN, username & password

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