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    I had Good Mobile Messaging on my phone back at my last office. The new place is small and does not have an enterprise solution nor will it anytime soon. Does anyone know of a private re-seller or other option where I can have Outlook sync'ed wirelessly similar to the way Good used to do it, at a reasonable cost?

    Currently, I have the 700p with Verizon.

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    Actually, if you read Palm's literature, there is a way to set up a Network sync over TCP/IP. I used to sync my contacts and calendar via the internet. Worked fairly reliable, but I had to initiate it.
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    thanks. I had not previously looked into this option and so had not fully understood it. Best option I have seen so far.

    Bad part for me is that it is sending all of my Outlook data to a Verizon server. I was hoping to use this to just sync my calendar, contacts, etc. and not email. So far, emails continue going to the server (although it has stopped going to my phone).

    Also, the calendar, contacts, etc. don't always automatically sync, even thought it is set-up for push. I have to manually request the sync from the phone.

    appreciate your help.
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    You could also use the palm apps SyncML from or SyncJE from (both $ but with free trial) and sync wirelessly with the free You can use the free Funambol to sync ScheduleWorld with Outlook.

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