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    I asked this question in Delevopers/Goodlink corner but received no response.

    While using Goodlink, can I make the built-in contacts app the default on my Centro by using the same trick that I did with my Treo 650? .....which is to use FileZ to change the creator name of the GoodAddressBook from ‘addr’ to something else. Link-

    .....I can't seem to get that trick to work on the Centro. I changed the creator name and that didn't work, so I deleted the GoodAddressBook and that did not work either (I get a blank white screen now when I go to contacts) Has anyone done this successfully this yet?

    I only use Goodlink to read email and I am willing to do without having access to the Goodlink contacts. I want to be able to use Ringo and the built in contacts or a 3rd party contact app. Will the new Takephone work with Goodlink?
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    This worked for me on my Sprint Centro.

    Quote Originally Posted by darkelf
    I modified John’s advice with Dan’s advice and that did the trick! I followed John’s steps and like Dan I noted that on the Treo 755p the “Creator” of the GoddAddressBookApp is listed as “PAdd”. Like Dan, I changed to “PAd1″, and it worked perfectly. No need for a reset.
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    I did a hard reset and installed Goodlink again. I used FileZ to change the GoodAddressBook creator name from PAdd to Pad1 (which is what I did the first time) ....but Goodlink still has control over the built-in contacts. I noticed that after installing Goodlink it added 3 more address files with the creator name "addr". Do more creator names need changed?

    BTW it is an AT&T centro, would that make a difference?
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    Anyone???? Help would be greatly appreciated .
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    Goodlink contacts are driving me crazy! Can anyone help? Suggestions?

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