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    I just noticed that recently when i press the power button + center button to wake up the centro, the backlight for the keyboard does not come on. The screen comes on with the backlight but the keyboard stays dark. The only way i can seem to get the backlight on for the keyboard is to adjust the brightness, which flicks it on or to press option + menu which will turn it on. However, as soon as i press the end key, it goes back to no keyboard light. Anyone know the problem? I am new to palm devices so bare with me. Thanks.
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    Did you install any 3rd party apps that may control the kb lights like kblightsoff, powerhero, butler, etc?
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    Try pressing Option>Menu?
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    This happens to me occasionally, and a soft reset always clears it up (remove/reinsert battery). I've never figured out the cause.

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