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    I was just wondering if anybody else out there had tried eyebackup. Supposedly it will backup eyemodule images to the MemPlug (by converting them to .jpg) so that you can clear the space on the main memory. If it works, it would be awesome!!

    Here's the link:
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    it's unbelivable.. I can't belive it. this is like the Palm version of the app I requested in teh dev forum!!! NOT only that, he has another coo lapp that is like bugme! you can even FTP stuff away!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

    omg.. THANK YOU for pointing this out - I might actually buy it!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    What I'd like to know is if anyone has used this app with their digital camera card reader--can you download eyemodule2 pics to your PC along with your standalone digital camera pics from the same card (no hotsync)?

    And what about eyeSplit (which seems to be similar to eyeBackup)--anyone try that yet?

    Palmgear link for EyeSplit:
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    This is what I get for giving up on Palmgear! They actually come up with *two* eye2 programs that are useful. The one mentioned by jenesis seems to work fine (albeit slowly) with my MemPlug-SM(Thanks jenesis!). I haven't tried the other one. Of course, the pics still show up postage-stamp sized in PiViewer, but maybe with the imminent beta test of VFS for MemPlug, we'll be able to take advantage of some of the third party JPEG viewers available to the VFS-enabled Palm devices.
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    eyebackup usually crashes on my Prism after the pics are converted.
    I use SplashPhoto to view the .jpg images. eyesplit works as advertized, also. It also crashes after conversion. Would really like
    it if both were stable on my Prism. I have tried with hacks on and
    off. Same results.
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    I must be lucky because my Prism hasn't crashed once with Eyesplit. It works exactly as advertised and the pics come out just fine on the desktop. I used a SM card reader to get them from the card into my eyemodule2 folder. This is particularly nice because now I can take as many pictures as I want, and as long as I have an SM card with free space, and free up Visor space by just swapping EM2 and Memplug back and forth. A little clumsy, but functional.

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