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    My unlocked GSM Centro won't turn on the keyguard manually when I press Option + Red Off button. Do others have this problem or know of a possible cause?
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    Did any of those buttons possibly get assigned to another function that might interfere?
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    I have a Treo 755p, and have had this problem occasionally. Do you by chance have Butler? I have Butler, and I think it somehow, may be the culprit. To resolve this, I go into Butler, then "Buttons", then tap "Defaults". It re-sets all my hard buttons to the default, and then I get my Option+Red button feature back. Even though I always have my Green button, and Red button always set to "Default", by tapping on "Default" in Butler to re-set them, always seems to do the trick.

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    I have this problem too. I always assumed it was due to a conflict with another app (not Butler cause I don't have it installed). Never bothered to do more troubleshooting as I don't use the keyguard much. Option button works just fine for everything else.

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