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    The keyboard on my Sprint 755p is dying. The "a" and "u" almost never work on the first press and other letters come and go. This is my third treo and the first time I've had a lick of trouble with the hardware. What's the experience in getting a replacement? Should I go to the local store or try the phone? TIA
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    I thought I had a bad "u" - thinking I was me not pressing hard enough - so now a make a consious effort and all is fine.
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    I had a similar experience....turned out it was "water damage" (i think I got a ****ty refurbed unit, as it started messing up the first day, and I have utterly no memory of it getting damp).

    after a couple discussions with sprint store manager woman, they replaced it w/o the $50 insurance deductible.

    so....if you have insurance, it may be worth a try to have it looked at.
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    I'm on my third Treo 755p because the first replacement I received had this issue. It also was a refurbished unit.

    I think that if you have insurance, might have it looked at the store by a technician.
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    Never had this issue after many months of heavy use, but then again my unit was not refurbished.

    I would also say to take it in and have a discussion. Given that this is not the first time you've had problems with this phone I would think they'd be more accommodating too.
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    Seems to be a fairly common problem with the 755p, compared to other Treo/Centro models. I've seen a couple threads on the issue.

    I had a 650 for 2 years without a single keyboard issue. Then after only a couple months of use, my 755 (new, not refurbished) keyboard's "O" letter started to fail on me. I had to push hard for it to work correctly.

    Now (1 year old) the "illness" has also passed on to the keys "D" and "Backspace". They work, but only when pressed harder than the rest. Naturally, when you need/want to type fast, it leads to some "mistyping" where one has to go back to fix it. Fortunately, I'm not a heavy email-er or SMS-er. So it doesn't bother me THAT much ... just enough.

    PS: I don't have insurance for my Treo because it wasn't available for smartphones with my carrier back then (don't ask me why). They now offer it for all their mobiles.
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    They must really have some hardware manufacturing consistency issues. All I did was game, email, sms and chat on my phone and it never had a keyboard issue...
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    So I went to the Sprint store and they asked me to leave the Treo for 20 minutes while they opened it up to see if there was water damage (as opposed to "normal wear and tear." I returned and was handed my phone, complete with a new keypad, no charge. BTW, I did have the insurance, which they told me made things "much simpler."

    Thumbs up for Sprint.
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    Well, you are paying $7 a month for insurance and it wasn't even water damaged. They BETTER have fixed it for free
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    I had the same problem. Took it to my Sprint store, where they (unsuccessfully) tried compressed air to clean the contacts. I had the insurance plan, and they gave me an entirely NEW (not refurb) phone! Seems Sprint has FINALLY seen the light WRT customer service!!
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    The navpad is starting to go on mine. I have to hit it 2 or 3 extra times to get it to start scrolling down quite frequently now.

    There also appears to be a delay with some keys when typing. I know for sure that the "-" is a weak point. It fails to recognize the "-" and instead shows the "s".

    never had these issues on the 650.
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    just holding out now until contract is up in a couple weeks and I'm either getting a touch pro or a g1: my brand new 755 is now having a glitchy space bar...sometimes won't register a press.
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    If you have Sprint and you need to get a replacement through Asurion, I suggest you hold on to your phone for a bit. This is from their website:

    "Sprint TEP Customers:

    Due to issues related to Hurricane Ike, replacement equipment for damaged claims may take up to 10-15 business days for delivery. We are working very hard to restore our fulfillment services as quickly as possible and be better able to service our customers. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

    I spoke to one of their reps and she actually said that it could take longer than 15 days for me to receive my phone. So I went to a store and the asst. Manager did a presto-chango for me at the store (gave the customary, we very rarely do this) and I walked out with a brand new centro for my wife (who foolishly put the red wonder in the wash)

    Now, if you have a backup phone, you might be oK waiting out for delivery.
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    A few months ago I was caught in a rain storm of biblical proportions and my phone was soaked through my clothes in the process.

    I did the dry out thing, the water indicator on the device was laughing at me, and after I did a number of experimental drying methods, the phone was fully functional except for the "a" key.

    I tried to get buy, with out that little vowel, sometimes using the @ symbol and other times just being creative.

    I carried no insurance and dropped my pants to my ankles, grabbed my cheeks and called verizon and told them what happen. To my absolute surprise, they sent me a refurb, charged my $50 - and its why I continue to patronize big red. it possible you got some water?? If so, there is a youtube out there on how to take apart your 755P - it's complicated.... if you can't find the link let me know and I'll grab it.

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