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    I've had mine for a month and I just ordered my wife's. I imagine with our different User ID's it will help differentiate accounts. I just don't want my Contacts clogging her phone and her's mine (even though I might find a bf ). We do have 2 profiles on XP so I plan on installing her CD on her profile while mine is installed on mine. Any tips/advice?
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    You shouldn't have any problem. Using two different profiles will work but even without that, the hotsyncs (installations and backup files) are stored in different sub directories based on the hotsync user names. As long as each user has a different hotsync name, the files will be kept separately.

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    I have a 680 and my wife has a centro and we sync our phones a couple times a week with no problems. When i sync my phone it will as which account and I choose my accout in the drop down box and it will sync my data and when she sync her phone she just chooses her account and will sync her data. we have never had mixed data with eigther phone. So don't worry you'll be fine.

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