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    I have installed Garmin XT to work with a BT GPS receiver. I <i>thought</i> I had installed as much of the pertinent software on a specific SD card which also holds the maps, but I recently was reviewing what is in RAM on my Treo 755p and I noticed the following files:

    XTSetup 50K
    XT68KLib 7K
    XTBmp 1221K
    XTDevStatus 3K
    XTFnt 606K
    XTLib 3214K
    XTSetupLib 3K
    XTTxt 2524K

    Not to mention GPSLib_RmtPVT which takes up 171K.

    I sure would like to move to the SD anything that doesn't need to hog RAM.

    Has anyone else running Garmin Mobile XT installed it on their Treo without loading these files? (I note also that I have to set some of these to not backup or BackupMan will crash and reset the Treo).


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    I'm also interested. TomTom works fine but cannot get Garmin XT to boot.

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