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    Anyone know how to add a dialog box that will ask "do you really want to end this call?"
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    Why are you angry?
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    Probably because he accidently ends calls or something. Especially if the touch pad has the end call enabled and a cheek bone hits it just right or something.
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    Your right Angelic hitting the wrong button while on a call searching for contacts or looking up notes hangs up the call without giving me a chance to stop the hangup really makes me angry. But I do love mt Centro

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    Art I figured that was the reason. Well as for an application I dont know of one. But I do know that my on screen end call has been missing since I got the phone (used of course). And I do know that my end call button doesnt work, however I just downloaded Phone Technician and it has a "Stay put" so that something like what your talking about doesnt happen. It also has a way to reroute the end call... By default end call with PT is the delete key.
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    Thanks for the info about Phone Technician. I installed it and it seems to be the fix for my hangup problem. I am still testing it and it does so much I am working though all it functionality.

    Thanks again,
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    No problem, I found it on the main page of treocentral one day while at work. I decided to test it for the end call button relocation and the auto on/off timer for the phone. Thats when I saw the stay put feature and read into it and thought maybe it'd help ya out.

    Your Welcome,

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