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    On my 755p, if I use the launcher and go to the menu screen and click on "info", then scroll down to Email, I show that I have two entries - one with a size of 4768K and another one with 0K. I never noticed until recently that I had two Email entries - can I or should I delete the 0K one?

    I use Versamail. Although it works fine for my purposes, it has crashed twice in the last year and a half. One crash was done by itself and one done by me. Is that how I got the 2nd entry, or has that always been there? BTW when it crashed, I think I lost only some emails. I never had to reinstall the Versamail app.

    So can anyone check their "Info" and see if they have two Email entries?

    Thanks! Much appreciated!
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    Yup. Two entries. Don't worry about it. (There's actually lots of entries under MM-something).

    BTW, I don't think I've used any email program on any platform that only crashed 2 times in a year and a half. I wouldn't complain.
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    Thanks, I like to keep things optimized the best I can - I just hate those glitches you get - most of mine basically happens when I test software to find the best of what I need for what I have.

    I knew about the MM stuff just wasn't sure on the Email one.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    I have a Sprint 755p and see the double Email entries, but one is 0K and the other is 974K. Of course the difference on the non-0K size is the amount of email we have. I only use Versmail on occasion because html based messages are so scrambled and lacking images - it's just ugly.

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