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    Just thought I'd share the news after a week of "WHERE'S MY STUFF?!" agita. My Palm Desktop, which I'd upgraded to the "new" Access 6.2.2 release version, lost the phone contacts, calendar, and everything else except "MEDIA" last week.

    I thought this was because I had just installed Documents to Go on the new machine, and was tearing my hair out with DTG's support (baffled but trying to help) and Palm's online chat support (clueless and pretending to speak YnGlitch while not responding to questions). Palm could only guess at "manually clean out the registry and reinstall" which didn't help at all.

    Then I remembered...I had enabled Vista's (Ultimate-32 version) UAC last week. And sure enough, when the UAC is enabled, the new Palm Desktop software installs without the critical tools, and apparently loses them if they were present. Even on an account with admin privledges.

    The old "beta" version that's been out for so long--and is not easy to find any more--worked just fine. The new release version? "DANGER WILL ROBINSON!"

    If you are using Vista, be warned. The release software may break your desktop, make sure you have the old version available in case you need to restore it.

    there may be something more complicated going on--but this is without an antivirus, without anything "odd", and with full system privileges. There's something wrong with the release software, and Palm's support is, sadly, a good reason to buy a totally different device.

    CONFIRMED: Enabling UACs, or installing the 6.2.2 Desktop while UAC is enabled, will cause this failure.

    The solution is that you must open the PALM.EXE file and tage it to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, then save that change to it.

    Apparently those applets (calendar, contacts, etc.) are handled on a per-user basis and even though "you" are the only user, the Desktop software is not properly storing and accessing them. It is, sadly, less Vista compatible than the long-stnading beta version was.

    CONFIRMED AND CONFIRMED TWICE by multiple installations and reinstallations here. Someone at Palm, or Access, does not know how to code for Vista.
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