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    Currently ATT only has available refurbished 680 Treos. But I'm guessing one can order direct from Palm the unlocked version.
    So the question is with regards to the 680 is it safe to get the refurbished version, even though ATT only offers that with a 3-month replacement warranty?

    I ask because I'm somewhat discouraged by the dissatisfied responses of apparent users to Mike Overbo's initial review from TreoCentral on the 680, (one claims the reason why so many refurbished 680's out now is because it "sucks" or "worst phone they ever had")
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    i have a brand new in box treo 680 silver, factory unlocked for sale (colleague is into Blackberries, not treo)

    pm me if interested.

    full box and manuals and cables...the FACTORY unlocked unit
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    I have had one for a month now and it is sort of glitchy. Only one reset so far. However I have the keyboard flicker and an occasional chirp while on the phone. I just ordered my wife one for $10 refurbbed but I have a FAN account. Mine was $30 just a month ago.
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    I bought a refurb 750, from ATT
    first one had a no click feel on the space bar.
    returned it, and got a new.
    The replacement was perfect until about 1 month ago.
    It now has stuff under the screen, not sure if it's dust or bad pixels or what.
    either way, I've had it for about 6-7 mos and it's now out of warranty.
    3 mos is not enough for me, I prolly won't buy a refurb again.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I just checked the ATT website. It looks like ATT is really trying to unload their stock of Palm Treo 680's and 750's as their now offering their refurbished models for free with 2-year contract (online deal only). What does this mean? Is the Treo Pro 850 headed to ATT? And sooner than we think? Are they discontinuing the 680's and 750's?

    Makes me want to buy the Centro!
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    I can't answer the question about different devices going to the US networks, but I can offer some of my own personal experience with my 680. In a word, mine works and works well; the first time I built it, I didn't follow the instructions and the device was unstable.

    The second time, it was much better. Now it seems to be lovely and solid...
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    Another question begs an answer here:

    Is AT&T discontinuing the Treo 680 and keeping only the rainbow colors of Centro? Or, are they clearing the inventory for a refreshed Treo?

    My guess goes to the latter b/c I think Palm has finished with all POS Treos and is focused on the Nova breakthrough devices. Just hoping they would do something with the 680 b/c my phone is ready for a renewal but no Palm OS device without a microscopic screen and keyboard is available.
    Patrick Horne
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    You're being too harsh on the Centro. The screen and keyboard are smaller than the Treo, but neither is suitable for watching movies or writing even short stories.

    If the screen worries you, try one of these web browser netbook devices...

    If the keyboard worries you, try a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

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    Apparently the free refurbished 680 (and 750) was either a mistake or literally a one day discount. I checked the ATT website again this morning. Both refurbished smartphones are now back to usual discounted price (not free). A non-refurbished 750 is still available for $199 with 2-year contract, so I guess Palm is not phasing that one out just yet.

    Sorry for the alarm!
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    After owning Palm devices since 2003 with excellent screens, the Treo itself is acceptable only in a stretched sense. The Centro is just a toy for anyone who loves the power of a real PDA. BTW, you're two solutions are pretty bad. Don't quit your day job.
    Patrick Horne
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    Sorry that you don't like my suggested solutions. One works very well for me. I suppose I should have used a disclaimer: your mileage may vary?

    I'm not sure how one may accuse the Centro of being a toy when it bundles up 101% of the 680's functionality into a smaller package. It is designed to appeal to a large number of ordinary people as their first device, not to medium term PDA users. Like I imagine the original Zire's remit.

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