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    I just played in a two day golf event at two different courses. The first course had a GPS display in the cart, which came in very handy when playing a course for the first time. The second day, we played another course that DID NOT have a GPS unit in the cart.

    That got me thinking, could I use my Centro (with Freedom GPS Keychain) as a golf GPS device?

    I have Garmin Mobile XT installed on my Centro, and it works great. So, I started with a Google search for " Palm Golf GPS" and a few links turned up...SkyGolf, StarCaddy, GolfwareGPS, and iGolf. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, and the links to those GPS golf sites are blocked.

    Has anyone used their Centro as a GPS device for Golf? If so, would you please comment on the software used? I'm interested in software that would display yardage from the immediate location to bunkers, doglegs, greens, water, etc., similar to the GPS provided in golf carts. If a scorecard application was included, that would be great, too.

    How do you get maps for each individual course? Download each course? Free or purchase?

    Thanks for any information.
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    I use my Centro and a bluetooth GPS device for golf. I use Intelligolf Eagle Edition ( as a scorecard and yardage keeper. It works really well and you can download any courses that have been measured for free. If a course is not in the database then you can actually mark it yourself (marking the front, middle and back of greens) as you play and submit it for others to use. It works really well...I highly suggest it.
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    While Intelligolf has planty of course scorecards to download, it has very few courses with GPS data.

    I downloaded & installed to trial version. However, whenever I exit out of the program, my centro reboots. I am curious as to how the centro will perform if I get a phone call or text message while the Intelligolf application is running.
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    I called my centro from a land line while the Intelligolf Eagle program was running and the centro rebooted when I attempted to answer the call.
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    Strange...I have never had an issue with rebooting. This might be a conflict with some other software on your Centro. I have tons of 3rd party software installed on my Centro and I know for a fact that I don't reboot when exiting Intelligolf or when answering a phone call...this is not normal behavior.

    You are correct..there are not a lot of courses with GPS data, but it only takes playing a course one time and marking the main parts of the course to get it GPS enabled. I realize this is more a pain than having it already done, but it is pretty easy.

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