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    I have the Name Display feature (when I get a call the phone displays the name as well) and this name gets saved in the call log even if I have something else setup in the phonebook. For example, my friend calls me from work and I have his number in the phonebook, the phone displays John Doe (W) but it actually saves ABC Inc. (the name from Name Display) in the call log.

    This can get pretty annoying when trying to lookup some missed calls etc. Is there a way to set the phone so that the phonebook names are saved instead of Name Display?
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    I've read this a few times and I think you mean this:

    * Your network and Treo have Caller ID enabled.

    * You have lots of people in your address book / phone application.

    * Existing numbers call you but the Treo stores them under a different name in your 'phone or call log.

    If that is the case... I can think of two ideas. One is that the number calling you isn't quite the same as the number you expect.

    My Treo's number from the UK is 07887 623623. To call it from another country you'd dial 0044 7887 623623 or +44 7887 623623. People calling me can have any of these formats according to my Treo but usually they're showing 07887 623623 on the screen with the caller name (and often a picture)... I'll try changing a few regular numbers to the international code to see what happens.

    The second is that you already have your buddy's company in your address book and the Treo is picking that up first rather than your friend. When the office calls me, sometimes it shows the switchboard number and sometimes their direct dial number.
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    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. It's not an issue with the phone number being wrong.

    Let me take an example. My friend John Doe is in my phonebook. When he calls me from work the display shows

    John Doe (W)
    (123) 456-7890

    However, because this line belongs to the company he works for, ABC Inc, this is the name being saved in my call log.

    ABC Inc. (123) 456-7890

    Problem is that when I look up a missed call, I won't know it was him unless I know his company name. I would like the name saved in the phone book (John Doe) to be saved instead of the Name ID (ABC Inc)
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    I didn't know cell phones could have caller ID showing the name. Who's your provider?
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    That's wierd!

    On mine, it shows me:

    Danielle Coggill (W)

    Rather than:

    Cute Models & Co

    Do you also have the company in your address book?

    Edit: I'm with T-Mobile in the UK, but here all of our 2G handsets have had caller ID - you just need to put the number in.

    PS I was just making the names and company up: :-)
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    Do you have a separate entry for ABC Inc. other than your friend?
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    There seems to be some confusion understanding Name Display. I'm on Rogers in Canada and here's what it is:

    Call Display with Name Display is a service that allows the user to see the name and number of incoming callers even if they are not in the address book. The network provides the Name as well as the Number, just like how CallerID works on a landline.

    To the OP, there's no way to override Name Display on the Treo. However, if you call your service provider it may be possible to disable the "Name Display" option but keep ordinary "number only" Caller ID.
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    So the States don't have true Caller ID for a cell while Canada and the UK do?
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    It looke to me like an optional extra, for those people you may not have in your address book. A great way to increase margins!
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    I couldn't find a way to override the Name Display (from Rogers).
    It's same on my Treo680 and my wife's as well.
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