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    The CSpotRun version on the FlashPlus is labeled dev. Is this an VFS update of
    ver 1.05 or an earlier version? If an older version can it be updated? What raised this question is that I'm having
    intermittent problems with the dev version of CSpotRun that came with FlashPlus, either being very non-responsive, only
    working on some docs or crashing the system. Originally it worked fine. QED and DoctoGo/wordview, both
    RAM or VFS resident, work on all my data files so the files should be OK. If I install version
    1.05 either in RAM or VFS compact flash, then both CspotRun in RAM or in chip flash work fine. Since
    you can update FAFilemover using an installer there are obviously methods for
    accessing the chip flash. Is there a utility to directly access the eeprom
    as is typically available for other modules with memory, e.g., modems, etc? Why does each module with a flash chip need its own proprietary filemover? Nice if there was a standard.
    Any help appreciated.
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    Current versions can be downloaded from These versions were released on June 25, 2001.

    The VFS beta program is in its fourth beta release. This last release has made some significant speed improvements and is stable. You can expect a stream of updates to the beta software as new features are added and bugs are fixed. The software support and development effort are top notch on this product.


    PS I highly recommend that you join
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $CSpotRun$ $that$ $Kopsis$ $modified$ $for$ $use$ $with$ $FAFileMover$ $has$ $not$ $been$ $updated$ $for$ $VFS$. $It$ $can$ $be$ $used$ $two$ $different$ $ways$. $You$ $can$ $run$ $it$ $from$ $the$ $FlashRAM$, $but$ $then$ $it$ $only$ $reads$ $from$ $RAM$. $Or$ $you$ $can$ $use$ $FAFileMover$ $and$ $select$ $a$ $file$ $and$ $a$ $mini$-$menu$ $comes$ $up$ $allowing$ $you$ $to$ $select$ $the$ $CSpotRun$ $Plug$-$In$.

    CSpotRun is open source code, so it can be modified. I even think that Dave Kessler said he was willing to provide his modified code, but I may be wrong.

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