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    I have seen the applications that turn your Treo's into a remote using the IR port. What I am curious is using the Bluetooth inside the Centro can a Bluetooth remote be made?

    I am interested because I have a Playstation 3 and would like a remote for it. Unfortunatly the remotes need to be Bluetooth. It would be great to use my Centro as a remote for watching my movies on the PS3.

    Does anyone know if such an application exists? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    That program uses infrared, I am looking for one that would use bluetooth. Thanks though.
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    Oh, see if this program works...
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    You can buy the Blu Wave remote for $15. It uses one of the USB plugs as an IR receiver. Throw out the remote as you only need the receiver. A lot of guys use this that have universal remotes. However, no power in the USB means you can't turn it on/off with this rig.
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    Eguy: I have seen that program also but still not sure if it would work on a PS3. That is the main reason for what I am looking for it. Not really interested in using it with a PC. Thanks for the help.

    Doom878: I have thought about this idea also but not sure how well it would work in a PS3. Thanks for the idea though.
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    I have BlueRemote which I think does what you want - it worked OK on a 650 but is marginal at best on a 755p.
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    I have seen that program before. Still not what I am looking for. That is more for controlling a PC. I am looking to use it to control my Playstation 3. Specifically when I watch a BluRay movie. Thanks though.
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    My friend just got a Centro, he would love this
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizziko View Post
    My friend just got a Centro, he would love this
    If he finds a program please let us know.

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    Try Salling Clicker
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    Quote Originally Posted by n4sd4q View Post
    Try Salling Clicker
    Looks like a windows PC application, not for the Playstation 3. Thanks though.

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