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    Has anyone else noticed that the mobile version of doesn't work any longer?

    You can search and add products to the cart, but you can't proceed to the check out, sign in or sign out or check your account.

    Odd. Its been this way for a week now. Anyone else experience this?
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    Yep. Can't log into Yahoogroups or iGoogle either. They all give a data timeout. Are you on Sprint too? Maybe their data network is having issues.
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    I couldn't log in to the web version of gmail for a few days.....dumped my cache, and now it's working. coincidence? you let me know.
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    I can login and check my account. Didn't try buying anything . . .
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    It looks like the problem is related to Palm-based Treos and SSL-enabled web sites (at least from my experiences). Haven't received a resolution from Sprint yet, but I don't think this is an isolated problem.
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    vttony....did you talk to sprint about this? should we call to ler them know about the issue, or are they aware of it being a systemic problem?

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