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    I have an AT&T UNLOCKED Palm Centro.

    Im using it for T-Mobile.

    Everything works except for my Instant Messanger.

    Xpress,web,txt,pic messaging works........ not IM!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how i can make my Instant Messanger to work??

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    Download Mundu's a much better app than the one built into the Centro.
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    Download & install Toccer. It's free.
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    i second toccer. i've used it since my 600.
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    Toccer works great if you're only interested in AIM. If you want to use more providers then check out Mundu.

    Toccer = free
    Mundu = $11
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    Another option is Gizmo project, connects to everything and if free, but lacks the snazzy looks of Mundu
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    Toccer also connects directly to aim, so less security issues.

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