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    Hi all,

    I couldn't wait for NOVA, and hated the iphone, so I returned the iphone and upgraded to the 755p. Naturally, I set out to look for cool apps. My lack of patience led me to load them, some 4 at a time. (I know, I know!) My hand has been severely spanked and I WILL load the apps one at a time. Meanwhile, I am suffering from:

    1. Lags when opening apps.
    2. reprogrammed start and phone buttons
    3. the "updating data bases" message
    4. incomplete initiation and failure to connect to 'net
    5. treo shutting off too soon
    6. more

    I purchased an uninstaller and a clean up app, but either I don't understand how to use them or they aren't working well. I want to wipe my device, but I want to save what I can (and should). I want my songs, photos, contacts, appointments, and such.

    What do you recommend?
    The soft reset seems to be ineffective. I think I am choosing between the hard reset, factory reset, or the zero reset. What do you suggest?
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    Songs & photos can be sent to an external memory card to be saved. The contacts & appointments & native PIM info can be hotsync'd back after the reset... just be careful you don't re-install all those programs back as well.

    Personally, when my 755 got a little unstable, I did a hard reset & that fixed my issues.

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    Thanx, L8R,

    My songs are on the ext. card. I think most of my photos, if not all, are on that also. It is the second part of your instructions that has me nervous. I have Backup Buddy, and I believe that this prog. extends the conduits that are backed up. I am afraid of reinstalling the third party stuff back by accident. I'll futz with it until I deselect all 3rd-party apps.

    Thank you.
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    Do a hard reset and install one at a time and don't install just to be installing. If you really don't need the ap, don't install it.

    1. Take the battery out.
    2. Holding down the red power on/off button put in the battery. KEEP HOLDING BUTTON DOWN.
    3. A logo (Palm or Access) will appear with a line scrolling from left to right. Let it go all the way. The screen will go blank again.
    4. When the logo comes up again release the button. You should get a screen asking you if you want to erase all data. Press up for yes.
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    OK, I couldn't find Backup Buddy on the treo, but it is on the ext. card. I deselected all. I want to save a record of what I have on the treo now, so that I don't have to guess what was there. It would be a list of which software I already own. Do you have any ideas on how I can create that list?

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