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    I just switched from a 755 to an AT&T Centro and I can't get Goodlink to work. It seems to freeze the phone. I downloaded Goodlink with the phone's browser, after the setup was complete, "starting good" comes up on the screen and the screen is frozen.
    I read that there were problems back in the Fall of 07', surely it has been resolved by now.
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    make sure your good admin is sending you the latest version.

    it works fine.

    has since I got centro from vz in june.

    (actually I think I'm a version behind.)
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    I have -
    check from app home screen- hit menu and info- click version and see what version good you have.
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    I just checked, it is version I got OTA setup from using my web browser per my admins instructions. I'm not sure why it didn't download the newer version.

    ......I just tried again and got the same thing. How can I get the correct version?
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    I'm not sure how the older version downloaded the first time. But it turned out to be an admin problem. I used my old pin account number for my 755. I didn't realize that the adminstrator needed to change the account set up when switching to a different model phone.

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