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    So I had been trying to make BackupBuddy work for me and it was a no go... no worries, fine, whatever... I uninstalled it it seemed to uninstall cleanly and no remnants remain that I can find, but and now I am getting the following HotSync Manager Message in a dialogue box everytime I start-up HotSync Manager:

    HotSync Manager
    The Notifier file 'C:\PROGRA~1\BACKUP~1\BackupBuddy.dll' was not found.
    Notifers are used by HotSync Manager to inform other applications about synchronizations sessions.
    Please check your configuration to correct this problem.

    HotSync Manager is skipping over this file.

    ***** NEVERMIND - I FIXED IT....

    Anyone have any idea how I can stop this...

    Many thanks guys...
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