This is a 755p related question posted on the 755p board but maybe you guys can help.

I just experienced the "Access Powered" screen of death problem on my year-old 755p (no loop, just a freeze) and I'm getting a new replacement phone. This time I'm going native apps all the way; I can't live with the insecurity of apps freezing my phone as I've experienced a number of times before.

I'm also doing a fresh install of Palm software on my hard drive (registry deletion and all). Before deleting, I'm going to save the old contacts, calendar, memo and to-do files. After the first hotsync on the virgin software, I'm going to paste the old address, datebook, memopad and todo files onto the newly installed desktop software and resync. This restores all my old data. (it's worked many times before.)

However, I also want to save, paste and restore the old call log, text messages and the speed-dial file. Can't figure out what these files are named. Thanks for your help in advance.