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    I have many problems with 2.12 Row. I need the Treo 680 Row 1.04, anyone can help me?

    Thanks for the help!
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    May you tell us what is the problem?

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    I have 2 Treo 680. A ROW with a 1.04 version and another version with 2.12. I have a bluetooth device to connect with my treo. With version 1.04 but I have no problems with 2.12, disconnects the bluetooth and treo shuts down.
    I think the problem is the version of the ROW, it is possible that the version 2.12 back to 1.04. If so how can I do?

    Thanks for the help?
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    the only way i know is to use one of the 1.04 custom ROMs available in this forum.

    in fact, i use one.
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    I complained to Palm that my 2.12 update was causing many problems & they replaced the entire unit with a new one with 1.04.
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    I downloaded the 1.04 Row, but the process is somewhat confusing to return the ROW 2.12 to 1.04 Row. Someone can help me back to 1.04.

    Thanks for the help
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    where are you from? maybe you need a translation
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    Si tu eres de venezuela, entonces hablas espanol. Soy de Paraguay y mi problema es bastante raro.
    Tengo 2 treo 680, una con ROW 1.04 y la otra con 2.12. Uso el bluetooth para conectarme con un lector de codigos de barras metrologic mk 9535 con bluetooth.
    Con la treo 680 row 1.04 no tengo problemas pero con la que tiene el row 2.12 tengo dificultades (el lector envia datos a la treo 2 veces pero en la tercera no envia y se queda colgado).

    Creo que el problema es el ROW 2.12, por eso te pido si puedes enviarme el ROw 1.04. Podrias ayudarme?

    Gracias por la ayuda
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    ok, i will answer you on PDAexpertos since you asked me there, too
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    aldo2610, what is the brand/model of your bluetooth device? I run on 2.12 without problem with bluetooth device.

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