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    is there a place where i can browse and install programs right from my centro?
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    Most of the major sites offering Palm software allow OTA (over the air) downloads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plow13 View Post
    is there a place where i can browse and install programs right from my centro?
    Via the web, yes. Problem is that the sites distributing the apps get them in different forms. If they get them in .prc, then you are in luck and should be able to directly download them. Some come in zip files and are easiest to install from your PC, and they often include modules that run on your PC and talk to the Treo app via a conduit. Some are just zipped to include documentation, but some include multiple files that need to be copied to the Treo. I seem to recall seeing something about an unzip app for the Treo which might help in some cases. Some may even be bundled in a Windows executable that you run to install on your PC, then you need to send the right pieces to your Treo. I tend to look for apps on my computer, seeking out sites which can send it to my Centro in a free SMS (text) message. You get the message seconds later and click on the hotlink to download. In the end - you'll need to be flexible in how you download since apps can be packaged in several ways.

    Sure would be nice if Palmgear or some other site would have a web page or applet which runs well from the Treo and easily allows downloads. Again, its the packaging issue which they have no control over, but perhaps authors would get onboard in their packaging if a trend started. I'm starting to question whether many of us will still be on a POS based phone in a year or two anyway. I'd jump to any Linux phone that suits me and has similar features and apps available if the promised stability is there...
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    I install most of my software OTA. For Zipped programs either use the free HandZipper Lite or email them to yourself using VersaMail (it has a built in unzipper). A word of caution when trying new software: make sure you make backups with something like the free NVBackup before you install anything as not all software plays nice with the Centro or each other.
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    Or u can try going to from your centro and choose option 4. its a great site bookmark it !!! LOL
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    thanks so much for the link. i just down loaded bowling. man is it fun. im can already tell im going to be addited. lol


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