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    Will my HotSync v4.1 from the Treo 600 work if I upgrade to the Palm Centro?
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    Probably will. BUT.... it's wiser to do a clean install. May take longer initially, but it may save you from some headahes later.
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    Actually, I don't think it will. There was no driver for the Centro in the 600 days
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    You will need to upgrade to the lastest HotSync/Palm Desktop. Just install the softwares that come with the Centro. When you are prompt to get the latest version from the Internet, just click yes. It doesn't take long to install. Good luck.
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    The Hot Sync that comes with the 680 will work and is better than the new stuff.
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    I am still using the Palm Desktop from my 650 which was installed over my Sony Clie Palm Desktop. Works fine.
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    The 600 uses the Legacy (two word) PIMs while the Centro (actually the 650 on) uses the modern Extended PIMs. You will have to upgrade at minimum to 4.1.4e.

    If you are on Sprint you will get the 4.2 Desktop, which is better than the Access mess.

    What flavor of Windows is on your computer?

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